Originally, Jürgen Opdenhoff, owner of the traditional company OPDENHOFF TECHNOLOGIE GMBH, commissioned mickéandoliver with design ideas for the renovation of his company building. This resulted in a comprehensive collaboration in the fields of design & strategy. Opdenhoff has always distinguished itself through innovative solutions for the shopfloor industry. With his new product “OPD.PRO CARE”, however, Jürgen Opdenhoff and his team are breaking new ground and becoming a pioneer for digital turnkey solutions for the production process. In a comprehensive re-branding & re-thinking process, the OPDENHOFF brand was adapted to this development. The result is a "NEW OPDENHOFF” that perfectly embodies OPDENHOFF’s innovative thinking, team & services.
Design Services & Consultancy
Rebranding Apparels 
Brand Strategy 
Brand Architecture 
Web & Social (Webpage, landing Pages, Social Media) - Design & Content 
UI + UX Design 
Office Design 

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