French Bakery and Bistro
AKH's initial wish was to create a bakery in Doha which would deliver the full spectrum of European bread – in particular the premium assortment from Germany and France – to the Qatari market. Upon refining the idea with M&O, a full-fledged concept was developed around a classical bakery in tandem with a charming bistro - complete with an app-driven take-away service for Doha’s breakfast connoisseurs. The stylish 120-seat eatery was envisioned to transport the visitor to Paris, no matter whether one is ordering a sourdough bread, relaxing over a Quiche Gruyère in the quaint interior salon, or dining al fresco on the lush palm-tree-covered patio with a view over the Pearl marina. 
As usual, M&O aimed for a holistic approach when creating all aspects (Branding, Interior, Exterior) of the concept in order to ensure a coherent final product. A large part of the pre-visuals were made up by hand-drawn illustrations to underline the warm, pleasant feeling of the French Fin de Siècle atmosphere – in order to provide our client with a perceivable impression of their vision.
Design Services & Consultancy
• Branding
• Packaging
• Apparel & Uniforms
• Web & Social
• Exterior 
• Interior 

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