Muscles For A Fitness Chain
At our first contact, FIVESTAR FITNESS was a German discounter fitness chain with 11 existing studios and almost as many different names and identities. Our first task was to develop a design proposal for a new planned studio. After some meetings with the three owners, we decided to unite the different identities into one brand to create a stronger and more efficient basis for the planned market expansion of FIVESTAR. In about three months, we then carried out a complete rebranding of FIVESTAR FITNESS and developed the design for the new studios in parallel. The aim was to develop a sports lifestyle fitness brand with its own identity in the highly competitive discounter segment.
The result - a new clubby Fitness Brand with an own identity which inspired both, the existing members as well as potential new members. The new FIVESTAR FITNESS, a strong player in the highly competitive but still healthy growing fitness market.
 Design Services & Consulting
•  Rebranding
•  Brand Strategy Consulting

•  Trademark Registration
•  Marketing Services
•  Studiodesign
    (Duisburg, Langenfeld, Koblenz, Kamp-Lintfort)
•  Design-Update of existing studios
Brand Development

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