A premium Fitness & Nutrition programme.
 Due to an alarming number of health issues linked to obesity in Qatar, Dr. Bassam, a long-time executive at Aspire, approached M&O with an idea to raise the standards of the generic fitness experience. With a fusion of professionally monitored fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and relaxation, EVOLVE is developed to attract a clientele used to the highest of standards – both in terms of equipment and supervision. Members are guided through the whole treatment in Aspetar’s world-class training facilities by their personal fitness instructors, and lodge in the nearby 5-star "Torch Qatar”. M&O’s task was to create a fresh brand design which would set itself apart from an otherwise over-saturated market. Additionally, a bilingual campaign was developed for the targeted demographics. 
Design Services & Consultancy
• Branding
• Communication
• Web & Social

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